At least that is the notion that most people have about the creative process. Having suffered cuts, aches, sweat, and occasional bruises while working in my studio, perhaps the romantic notion is not far from the truth. The creative process is unique to each artist. So, I can only discuss my own experience. But, after all, isn’t that why you came here? To learn my dark and depraved secrets?

Once the creative juices are flowing. it is sometimes difficult to turn it off. That can be a blessing or a curse. Many times I have had to stop what I was doing (no matter how inconvenient) or had to get out of bed to jot down an idea before it will stop nagging at me.

In fact, each portrait, drawing or painting, takes a lot out of me physically and mentally. I focus so much of my energy into bringing it to life, so that I am left somewhat drained afterward. It is a lot like making love. You have to focus your energy into doing your best for your partner (client) and yourself. When it is all over you may be tired and sore, but there is a serene delicious feeling of satisfaction that is indescribable.

When I get an idea, I see a scene or the finished work in my mind. Then it is up to me to figure out how I’m going to make that idea come to life; how to bring an abstract thought or vision into reality. How successfully an artist can bring their idea into reality is a creative process that is as unique as is each artist. And that creative process is a subject for another day.