A question often asked is “Do you listen to music when you paint?’. An artist once said “Paintings are like music, they are something to be felt.” I couldn’t agree more. A visual artist composes their work for the same purpose and effect as a musical composer does – to convey a truth, story and/or emotion for their audience.

Yes, I listen to music that sets the mood for the piece I am working on or just to support the mood I am in. I have very definite ideas about what kind of music inspires me, but there is a wide spectrum of music that I enjoy. That can range from classical or renaissance/medieval music to 20s jazz, 30s and 40s big bands to dark metal, alternative rock or goth music.

I feel that my eclectic tastes in music are reflected in the spectrum of my artwork, which can range from what may be considered classic realism to a more contemporary sensibility. I try to convey a sense of underlying emotions or narrative in my work, which I hope resonates with the viewer as they might respond to a particular type of music.