I have been very fortunate in my art career to have brought a lot of happiness to people. In fact, I would say that is the most rewarding part of my work; knowing that my art has a very personal meaning to someone and can stir people’s hearts. Read some testimonials from clients. I have often quipped that I seem to have earned a reputation of making people cry (in a good way) with my portraits. I can think of no higher calling or greater contribution than to be able to create a painting or something that will bring beauty and happiness to people.

Yet there are people who think art is frivolous and unimportant. They don’t see the value of art, yet their lives are surrounded by the images, music, clothes, furniture, and other things of beauty that artists have created.

As a human being, we all have a responsibility to help each other, especially the less fortunate among us. But in addition to the usual contributions of money or time, I feel that artists have more to offer humanity – the beauty that we create from our soul. Whether it is painting, music, dance, pottery or any other creative endeavor, an artist contributes to the growth and benefit of the world. Artists’ work often reflects their society and times, as well as being involved with the prevailing politics. Historically, artists may have not been wealthy or very successful within their own time, but they gave of themselves wholeheartedly to create art that would bring beauty, and perhaps a message to humanity. If nothing else, a great masterpiece shows what heights that a human can reach, and challenges the rest of us to reach for the stars. Perhaps a great painting will comfort a troubled heart, serve as inspiration for your dreams, keep the spirit of a departed loved one alive, or just give you the comfort of knowing that such beauty and human achievement exists in this world, which makes life worth living.