New Seashell Painting In Progress

New Seashell Painting In Progress

Work in progress shot of new seashell pastel painting. Having decided to do a companion piece to “Sea of Textures”, I feel like I chose the most complex sea shell on the planet. It has so many more structures and markings that must be rendered properly so that it looks real. Some markings are difficult to render realistically because they are white and look like they were painted on the shell, but are natural. So I have to decide how to paint the markings without it looking artificial. Looks like this will take me a couple more days to finish.

The Music of Art

The Music of Art

A question often asked is “Do you listen to music when you paint?’. An artist once said “Paintings are like music, they are something to be felt.” I couldn’t agree more. A visual artist composes their work for the same purpose and effect as a musical composer does – to convey a truth, story and/or emotion for their audience.

New Drawing

Been very busy working on a new drawing. When I get inspired I feel in a frenzy to keep working on a piece until it is finished.  It’s like I am pouring out my idea onto paper or canvas until the last drop is gone out of me. Only then can I rest and move on to...

Driven By Passion to Create

I saw this great article by Lee Hammond that really captured the way that I feel about my work, so I thought I would share it with you.   A True Artist is Driven By This By: Lee Hammond | June 20, 2014 “I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler!” Oh my, if I had...

Pastel Portrait of Model

This is another portrait study from a live model. The model, Brian, was in a live pastel portrait workshop that I took at Cuong Nguyen‘s studio in San Jose. I really liked Brian’s quirky mustache in combination with the hat, which gave him a comical touch....

New Portrait Study

Working on new painting. This is a study of a model we had during a Justin Hess portrait painting workshop I attended recently. I have been working on refining this study to a more finished portrait, since we didn’t have enough time to do it at the workshop....