Whew! Just finished this in time to make the deadline for a competition. This is “Sea of Textures” pastel on Canson sanded paper. I wanted to do something different for this competition, as well as just to take a break from doing people. Originally, I was just going to do it in shades of gray, but I love the combination of gray tones with bits of color. Also, I felt that it needed several colors to create the look of the inner shell with that glossy translucent quality.

This took about 21 hours over 3 days. I thought I could whip this out quickly, not realizing how complicated this image really is. I learned a lot doing this piece. It’s all about the textures and color temperature changes. In fact, I think I learned how to better do flesh tones after painting the subtle layers of color of the shell to look realistic.

I originally planned for the image to be a horizontal 11×14, with a 16 x 20 mat. Then I was inspired to another companion piece, so I decided to make it a 12 x 12 image with an 18 x 18 mat. The other piece will be the same size, so they can hang together. Prints will be available as soon as I have them both photographed.

In case you’re curious, I am including a shot of my studio set up for “Sea of Textures”.

Shell Set up-Studio