Finally finished “Sea of Textures II”, which is a companion piece to my previous sea shell pastel painting. It feels like I picked the most complicated sea shell on the planet! It has an incredible amount of little shapes and markings that drove me crazy. What was I thinking?!? Although I finished a couple of days ago, I kept looking at it and making minor adjustments, as is my usual practice. When there are no more adjustments to be made, then I consider it finished.

In case you are interested, this is an Atlantic Triton seashell – Charonia Variegata – first discovered in 1816, one of about a dozen species of Tritons. Found in the Atlantic, Florida to Brazil. I just bought it because it was interesting, and thought it would be easy to paint.

The background is just a subtle gradation meant to suggest a sky. I didn’t add any clouds, as that would be a distraction from the shell. The undulation of the wood grain suggests ocean waves, so the impression of the image is a shell sitting on driftwood out by the beach.

The image is 12 x 12, with a mat it will frame out to 18 x 18. It is soft pastel on Canson sanded paper. Prints will be available in a couple of weeks.