Oil portrait study of young manFinally got a chance to finish this portrait study. This was a study of a model we had during a painting workshop. I have been refining this study to a more finished portrait. The image finally came to life for me, and it appears more three dimensional. Being able to take your time with a painting to refine it makes a big difference, as opposed to working with a deadline when doing a commissioned painting.

Working with a limited palette, I only used white, black (Ivory black), yellow ochre and Venetian red to mix all colors. This is definitely my new favorite way of working, although I may be using other colors as needed.

Detail of oil painting study of young manHere is a close up detail of the face. The photo doesn’t quite capture the oil painting’s skin tones or luminosity, but you can still see some details like the veins under the flesh in the temples or the subtle tones of the eye. Some day I hope to use this as the basis for a larger painting depicting this young man in a historical costume.

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