Chris-Muffie-Pastel Portrait-web-18x24-800w_6.6.15This is the kind of portrait that I really find satisfying, but challenging. It’s a challenge because a good likeness is crucial and you have to capture their personalities. I worked from two separate source photographs and put them together.

I experimented a little with the textures and color temperature to achieve a realistic look. Many artists do not like to render people wearing glasses or teeth, mainly because they are difficult to get right. If there is any one part of the face that gives me trouble, it is probably noses. Getting the nose wrong can totally throw off the facial features.

This pastel portrait was done on Canson paper, and mounted with a mat to fit an 18 x 24 frame.  Unfortunately, the camera didn’t quite capture the image’s color well and it’s a bit too light on the right where the daylight came in through my studio window.

This portrait of two women is an example of lesbian art.