Working on new painting. This is a study of a model we had during a Justin Hess portrait painting workshop I attended recently. I have been working on refining this study to a more finished portrait, since we didn’t have enough time to do it at the workshop. There’s no substitute for painting from life, I always say, but I have had to work from a photo of the model to bring the painting to a more polished stage. It’s almost there. It hasn’t started breathing yet, but I hope to bring it to life soon. I am thinking of using this study as a reference for a future painting, as the model, pose and lighting are so classic.

Finally got to work with a limited palette at the Justin Hess workshop. That means you only use white, black (Ivory black), yellow ochre and Venetian red to mix all colors. I was quite impressed as to how many colors can be mixed just from these basic paints, like old masters did. It makes the whole painting more cohesive.

Also, we used wooden palettes, which got me back into wanting to use it rather than a glass palette. There is nothing that makes you feel more like a real painter than having that wooden palette on your arm. I’ve got a really nice mid-tone patina on my wood palette now, so I think I will continue to use it exclusively.