Pastel portrait of senior black man by Rita RomeroJust finished a new pastel portrait. This handsome gentleman is the grandfather of one of my clients.   She only had a small photo to work from, so it was a little difficult to bring it to life.  It’s always difficult to work from photos since they flatten out the image and change the natural colors. This is especially hard with older people because they have so much character and subtle color changes in their face that is lost with a camera. I worked on this for a couple of weeks – making subtle changes and modifications – until I was satisfied that the image was right.  Any way, I did my best to bring him to life. Let me know what you think.

In addition to doing this portrait, I have started planning out several other works, including a still life. Since i haven’t done a still life in many years, I thought it was time to do one. I was inspired by a bouquet that my husband surprised me with. I will post my work in progress.