Alexandra-Web-600h_7.5.14Finally coming up for air after some hectic weeks of work. Yes, “Art” is a cruel and selfish master. I am driven by an insatiable desire to create, often to the exclusion of everything and everyone else around me.

Been working on this pastel portrait study from a live model. It only took about four hours to do the initial drawing with the model, then I’ve been tinkering with it for a couple of weeks when I had a few minutes until I felt it was finished. The model, Alexandra, was in a live pastel portrait workshop that I took at Cuong Nguyen‘s studio. If anyone is interested in a good pastel portrait workshop, I strongly recommend Cuong. Not only is a great pastelist and oil painter, he is a very generous and knowledgeable instructor.  He really takes the time to help his students individually.

Rita-Pastel Portrait-Blog

Trying to work up some pieces to enter competitions. This will be my year for getting out there and trying to make a ripple in the vast ocean of the art scene – along with thousands of other artists who are trying to make it. But my time on this mud ball grows shorter each day. I can only hope that I can leave an imprint in the sands of time, so that someday it may become a fossilized record that I once walked upon this earth.