Pastel drawing in progressThis is the start of a new drawing I am working on. What drawing? You don’t see anything? This was a funny story.

My studio space is right next to my husband’s computer station in our combined office. So I was working away at the drawing for a couple of hours until I lost the natural daylight. Then I turned to my husband and asked him what he thought of my drawing so far. He looked at it from his angle with a strange look on his face. He leaned over and tried to look at it more straight-on. He looked puzzled, and said, “what have you been doing all this time? All I see is a piece of paper taped up to your easel.” My response was a self-satisfied chuckle and mischeivous grin. He came over and looked at it more closely. He laughed when he realized that the drawing was of what appeared to be a piece of paper taped to a light wall or surface. So the 3D or trompe l’oeil illusion was definitely working.

The drawing, as I explained to him, is going to be a drawing within a drawing. Working on a white piece of drawing paper and pastels, I created the illusion of a warm toned paper taped to a wall, with the light coming from the right side. I will next do a very realisitc drawing on the toned paper. I will post the finished drawing soon, so stay tuned. I am not sure what to title it, so feel free to send me your ideas.