Just started  a new “Madonna” portrait of a mother and child. I have been away from working in pastels for a few months, so I decided to jump back in and do a portrait of a friend’s wife and their new baby.

The painting so far was done in the first sitting of about four hours. As you can see, I sketched in the forms and started laying in the flesh areas. I kind of had an idea to have her head coming out of a gold border (you can see the border in white), but now I am not sure that was a good idea. Also, her hair was up in a pony tail in the photo I am working from, so I will need to change that so her beautiful long hair is down. This pastel painting is more of an exercise for me, so I can do whatever I feel will work best. I am working on a piece of stiff sanded pastel paper, and using mostly pastel pencils.