Two panel oil painting of hibiscus flowersI have been busy lately working on a new commission of hibiscus flowers in a dyptich format.  Here is a photo of the paintings to date. Still have to lay in the details, but it is close to being done. I had never done a dyptich before, which is a two panel painting.  Also, I had never done a painting of flowers on a large scale close-up like this.  What really interested me was the opportunity to explore some of the abstract design elements of the foliage and blossoms, while maintaining a realistic image when you look at it from a distance. 

The large scale and two panels is also twice as much work. I am effectively doing two paintings at the same time, which is challenging. You must work on both canvases at the same time to make sure you have consistent colors and a balanced image on both panels. The two panels can be hung together as one image or separated with space in between.  These “gallery wrap” canvases, allow you to paint around the edges of the canvas. That way the paintings can be hung without framing, as well as being framed.

I want to capture the transluscent quality of the petals as the sunlight shines through and on them.  This project has inspired me to do more large scale flower paintings. Already my mind is conceiving of imges that I would like to paint.  So stay tuned.