I don’t know what side of my family the artistic gene came from, but I was born with a chronic compulsion to be creative. Brought up in a middle class neighborhood in Tucson, Arizona, and made to attend Catholic grade school, all did their best to stop me from choosing to become an artist and suffer a “fate worse than death”.  

 I have been a practicing artist for over thirty years and it is still a learning process every time I sit down to work. There is so much to learn that it feels overwhelming at times, but it is well worth the learning experience. I practice the traditional methods of painting and drawing in both oils and pastel. I especially enjoy doing figurative work and portraits.  My work can be classified as realistic or representational, which is currently having a much overdo renaissance.

 Over the years, I have tried to start and revive my art career several times, between jobs, family, dissipation, husbands, and other life events. Now I have reached a point in my life where ‘it’s all or nothing’! I am determined to live my dream of being a successful full time artist. Even though I currently have a day job, the rest of my time is devoted to improving my skills, promoting my work, and becoming a well-established artist.

 With this blog, I will give the voyeuristic world at large a glimpse into my private world – a peek at my naked ambition, and insight into my creative process. I will also include art tips, works in progress, as well as occasional rants, and personal reflections. I hope you will enjoy reading about my escapades and being part of my journey.