Pastel portrait of senior black woman

16 x 20 pastel portrait

After I had done a portrait of her grandfather, one of my clients wanted me to do her grandmother. This lovely lady was done from a good photo, but the client wanted the hairstyle changed as it was in another not-so-good photo.  This is definitely a challenge when doing a memorial or posthumous portrait, since you are not seeing what the subject really looked like in person. I combined the face with the other hairstyle as best as I could and my client seemed very happy with it.

As always, I guarantee my clients’ satisfaction.  If someone is not totally happy with a portrait, or wants some minor changes, I am more than happy to do so at no cost.  I know that sometimes it takes a few days to “live with” a portrait and then you may see some things that should be changed.

Pastel portrait of senior black manAs a surprise for her, I also did another portrait of her grandfather, matching the background of the two portraits. That way they look like a matching set when hung together. I like doing surprises for my clients because it brings them so much happiness. To me, it is always worth my time and effort to bring happiness to someone with my art.