pastel painting of girl gazing at parrot she is holding.A new work that is part of my “Contemplation” series.”Flight of Fancy”, 18.5 x 26 pastel on Canson sanded paper. This is the largest pastel painting that I have ever done, and it was quite a challenge on many levels. The color harmony was key to bringing it all together.

I worked with both pastel sticks and pencils on Canson gray sanded paper. I was not too happy with the surface texture, but luckily things worked out. No fixative was used, as I try to never use fixative to avoid any changes to the pastel colors.

Your comments are welcome, as well as critiques too. Prints will be available in a couple of weeks. Thanks to Judi of svp-stock at Deviant Art and lovely model “Briar” (her sister).