Photo of finished still life oil painting by Rita Romero.After some final touches, I am declaring this painting finished. I repainted the foreground a couple of times until it looked right to me, because I didn’t like way the cloth looked in my real still life set up .  I also added a spoon in the foreground to give the picture plane more depth, as well as break up the horizontal shapes. It also helps to bring the viewer into the painting, and directs the eye to the flower and around the objects.  I adjusted the colors with glazes and the textures with  scumbles.  Painting the spoon was tricky because it had to integrate with the objects, while continuing the angle of the drapery in the back.  I wanted it to jump out at the viewer, but not look artificial.  The metal of the spoon contrasts nicely with the textures of the fabric, flower and porcelain. This is a better photo of the painting too, as I took it to my office where the lighting is much better.  Now it needs to dry for awhile before the final varnish coat.

This has given me an inspiration for a series of paintings, which I am eager to start. Feel free to leave a comment or ask questions.