I saw this great article by Lee Hammond that really captured the way that I feel about my work, so I thought I would share it with you.


A True Artist is Driven By This

By: Lee Hammond | June 20, 2014

“I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler!”

Oh my, if I had a dollar for every time I heard that worn out phrase, I’d have a custom built studio overlooking the ocean in Fiji. I had one man watch me drawing on an airplane one day and he even said, “I can’t even play a decent game of Hang Man!” Drawing isn’t for everyone, but can anyone be taught to draw well?

This is a very appropriate coffee cup I received from my daughter.

I say yes. After 35 years of teaching, it has become glaringly apparent that we all have the ability to learn the basic drawing skills. But, that does NOT make everyone an artist.

My sister and I are both artists today, and as children we took piano lessons, quickly learning basic piano skills. It was no problem to practice the notes over and over again until we got them right. It became easy with enough repetition. But we felt nothing. The music came out, but we had no natural connection to it–music just wasn’t our thing. The problem is that passion isn’t something that you can learn.

It’s the same way for art. I can teach anyone the basic techniques and even help students master them. I’ve yet to have a student who simply couldn’t do it. Learning how to draw is very repetitious, and with enough practice, you will become capable. But, that doesn’t make you an artist–it makes you a taskmaster. We all have the ability to learn through repetition, but we can’t be taught how we feel about it.

A true artist is driven by the never-ending desire to create. (Tweet this!) I am one. I can never seem to calm the urge to draw or paint, or write. It’s a never ending cycle of creating, pondering, planning, starting, completing, and starting something anew. The ideas never stop! I won’t live long enough to finish my projects, even if I live to fulfill my wish of living to the age of 109; a promise I’ve made to myself, family and friends… (I am such a positive thinker that I already had it carved on my headstone, 1957-2066. LOL) I could be locked in a room, fed under the door, not allowed to have a new creative thought ever, and I still wouldn’t be able to finish my list of art projects! It’s a frustrating reality.

You may read the rest of Lee’s article at: http://www.artistsnetwork.com/medium/drawing/a-true-artist-is-driven-by-this?lid=CHarnnl072614&et_mid=683008&rid=236519658