This is “Untitled-Male” a 14×14 charcoal and pastel drawing on Rives BFK paper. Although a smaller work, it will be framed out to 18×18.

I decided not to give it a title so as not to impose any particular theme. I want the viewer to wonder: is he sad? Tired? Guilty? Angry? Self-absorbed? Thinking about a lover? Under the influence of a substance? Lonely? Feeling isolated? I feel a good piece of art actively interacts with the viewer. Hopefully, they will continue to see new and different things each time they look at it.

This is another piece for my “Contemplation” series. There will also be a female version that is a mirror image of this pose. The two drawings can hang together or separately. Regardless if they are paired, I hope each drawing engages the viewer in an internal dialogue.

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