One of the most common issues in the Art business is the attitude some Artists have that they deserve to earn a living from their Art just because they are a “born artist”. They start focusing on how to sell or market their art without even putting in the effort and time to study or practice to bring their work up to a professional level. Common questions are: Why am I not winning competitions? Why aren’t galleries lining up to sell my work?

Unfortunately, in the United States, people tend to denigrate the arts as something that comes easy or with little effort. Why do people do that? People think that an artist is born with talent and you don’t have to study your craft to become a master. Whether it’s writing, painting, etc., we have this illusion that people are born talented and never have to study.their chosen craft. Then aspiring artists get frustrated when their skills aren’t automatically as good as they want to be or their work isn’t as the work of other prominent artists. That is ridiculous. An aspiring brain surgeon may be inspired to help people, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to go to medical school. Being an artist is the same way. Everyone has to study and constantly practice to become a master of your chosen craft.

First, you need to give up on the illusion that a true “artistic genius” never has to study or hone their skills. Artists have had to go through rigorous training and practice since the days of the Greeks. There are no exceptions. Even self-taught artists spend a great deal of time studying and practicing to improve their skills. That is the only way you will get better.

To be successful, artists need to overcome the foolish notion of a “born artist” and hone their skills by practicing and studying the work of other masters in your medium. Sign up with for workshops with master artists, courses at an atelier or art school in your area. Being in a class with other artists will open up a whole new world for you, as well as getting advice from the faculty who are professional artists. It’s a valuable investment in time and money, but you will benefit greatly in being able to meet your artistic goals.