ARC Salon 2016 Finalist

Totally shocked to find out I am one of the finalists in the ARC Salon 2016!! The Art Renewal Center annual competition is like the Oscars for artists. Thousands of artists from all over the world enter this prestigious competition. This year they have received 3,196 entries by over 1,300 artists representing 63 countries. They narrowed it down to 1006 finalist works by 640 artists, representing the top 32% of all works submitted.

Seashell Charcoal Drawing

Haven’t done a charcoal drawing in awhile, so I decided to do the spider conch shell. This is an 8×10 charcoal on Strathmore toned gray paper. I wasn’t sure the paper was going to be able to handle my usual abuse, but much to my surprise it has a really good tooth and stood up to several layers and erasures.

Seashell Painting Prints

Fine Art America is the site that I use for prints of my paintings. I was rather impressed by their range of products that images can be applied to. My two seashell paintings look rather nice as decorator throw pillow cushions. They also offer greeting cards and tote bags. If you are interested in cushions or prints, go to:

Yellow Rose Floral Pastel Painting

I decided to do a floral painting, as I had not painted flowers in a long time and I wanted to do more still life paintings. This is “A Rose For The Little Lady”, an 11 x 14 pastel painting on sanded paper painted from life. Actually, the lady bug was not planned. I added it because I thought the picture needed some red to balance the overall color scheme. That gave me the idea for the title.

Sea of Textures 2 Painting

Finally finished “Sea of Textures II”, which is a companion piece to my previous sea shell pastel painting. It feels like I picked the most complicated sea shell on the planet! It has an incredible amount of little shapes and markings that drove me crazy. What was I thinking?!? Although I finished a couple of days ago, I kept looking at it and making minor adjustments, as is my usual practice. When there are no more adjustments to be made, then I consider it finished.

Pastel Painting is ASC Winner

Just received the most incredible news. I was stunned to find out my pastel painting “The Gold Bangle” was selected as the Overall Winner (Best of Show) of the ASC People 8 online competition out of 407 submissions. It’s kind of funny that I had started think that maybe the painting was not good enough and I should work on it more.

New Seashell Painting In Progress

Work in progress shot of new seashell pastel painting. Having decided to do a companion piece to “Sea of Textures”, I feel like I chose the most complex sea shell on the planet. It has so many more structures and markings that must be rendered properly so that it looks real. Some markings are difficult to render realistically because they are white and look like they were painted on the shell, but are natural. So I have to decide how to paint the markings without it looking artificial. Looks like this will take me a couple more days to finish.

Sea Shell Pastel Painting

Whew! Just finished this in time to make the deadline for a competition. This is “Sea of Textures” pastel on Canson sanded paper. I wanted to do something different for this competition, as well as just to take a break from doing people. Originally, I was just going to do it in shades of gray, but I love the combination of gray tones with bits of color. Also, I felt that it needed several colors to create the look of the inner shell with that glossy translucent quality.

New Madonna Painting

Just finished this pastel painting titled “Reverie”, which is part of my contemplation series. The subject for this portrait of a young woman is Katrina Sherwood, who had posed for me last year. I hope I did her justice, as she has the perfect look for a madonna painting. This piece took me a long time to finish, which was my fault for not planning the drawing and finished image as I should have. I used a reference photo of Katrina, but had to pose for the drapery pose myself. Lots of revisions as I struggled with how best to portray the subject and make all of the elements work together.

Art Market vs Street Art

This video examines the art market in a critical, yet amusing way. Street art isn’t the first subculture to have an odd relationship with the art market. When the impressionists held their own exhibitions, outside of the Paris Salon, they changed the art world forever. But today’s art fairs make the Paris Salon look like a yard sale. So, in this age of market dominated art, has it become any easier for subcultures to maintain their integrity? Will street art hold its own or will history just keep on repeating? This is a thought-provoking and informative video series.

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