The first part of the 21st century has been a time of great chaos, political extremism, serious environmental issues, and terrorism. People are constantly bombarded with information and superficial images assaulting our senses on a daily basis. Through technology, we are more connected, yet we feel more disconnected and lonely. All of these are man-made factors that overwhelm us, generating great anxiety and a sense of emptiness.

It is natural for humans to seek and long for something that we can connect with that makes us feel there is more beyond ourselves. This explains the great interest in the arts (painting, music, writing, etc.) that has surged dramatically in the last couple of decades by all age groups around the world. Art helps to connect people, as well as satisfy our need for beauty that brings about an emotional experience. Art helps to ground us in the moment while transcending reality. It can give us hope for the future, happiness in the present, and maybe even a spiritual experience.

Don’t be afraid to try creating art, be it music, painting, ceramics, writing, crafts or whatever moves you. It doesn’t matter how old you are, and you don’t have to be the best at it. But you will find that the arts can fill your soul like nothing else can. As children we enjoyed using our imaginations to draw with crayons (on any available surface), making things with mud or building a fortress out of pillows. It helped us make sense of the world, expanded our problem-solving skills, as well as to understand how our imagination can affect our environment.

So, unplug yourself from the matrix and go take an art class, buy an art tutorial DVD, learn how to play an instrument or learn a craft you enjoy. The more you fill your life with the arts, the more fun and richer your life will be. Being involved with the arts will help put things into perspective so you can better understand and deal with the challenges of our age.