Totally shocked to find out I am one of the finalists in the ARC Salon 2016!! The Art Renewal Center annual competition is like the Oscars for artists. Thousands of artists from all over the world enter this prestigious competition. This year they have received 3,196 entries by over 1,300 artists representing 63 countries. They narrowed it down to 1006 finalist works by 640 artists, representing the top 32% of all works submitted.

Very grateful and in awe to be included in the company of so many excellent artists. I entered three of my best works in the ARC competition on a whim, never really expecting to actually be a finalist. It brought me to tears and touched my heart deeply. I know I won’t win anything, as there are master artists in this competition, but just having been chosen as a finalist means so much to me!!! This is the ultimate validation that my choice to become a professional artist was the right choice.