Whether painting or drawing, most artists usually try to hide their “labor” and make the art look effortless. Even though it may have taken years of art classes, and frustrating hours of practice to be able to execute a good work of art. But the truth is that nobody else cares about the little battles fought, the hundreds of decisions struggled with, or whatever anguish it takes to create a work of art. All that matters is the final product – both to the artist and the viewer. This is true for any art – painting, music, dance, etc. There is a certain amount of performance in all of the arts. Every work of art is like a well-rehearsed symphony that is executed for an audience we hope wants to listen, and will appreciate the finished product of our labor.

I Recently painted a commissioned piece for a client, who later told me that she likes to stare at it for long periods of time, and often sees new things in it. For an artist, that is like getting an Academy Award!! After all the time and creativity I put into the painting, it is incredibly gratifying to have someone really enjoy it. Every artist – starving or not – lives for the thrill of appreciation for their creative efforts. The fact that you can reach some one’s heart – be it through painting, dance, sculpture, music, etc. – makes all the blood, sweat and angst worthwhile! It validates you as a creator of beauty and something that matters. That is what inspires us to keep working at being a better artist and creating more meaningful work. At least, that’s the way it works for me.